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The Jordaan Family

My parents started drying fruit in the middle of the last century (1950). I took over the business after my dad’s death in 1974. In those days one was legally obliged to deliver all your products to the Co-op and you had to accept the price they offered, which was not always enough to make a living from. The law was later repealed and I started my own dried fruit business and could determine my own prices. Our main customers are Dried Fruit for Africa and Oom Willie’s Dried Fruit in the Cape. Then we supply to various institutions and dealers across South Africa.

The Farm

The farm is located at the foot of Mount Waterfall and Ontongskop. According to legend, Jacob Ontong conducted a reign of terror about 300 years ago by attacking the trekboer wagons and stealing the sheep. He could never be found until an equestrian saw a fire flashing high up in the mountain. The next day a number of soldiers went up the mountain but could not find anything until they heard the bleating of sheep. Following the sound they came to an opening, hidden by vegetation, and found a massive cave – in where the sheep and Ontong was hiding. He was then shot and killed there. Hence the name Ontongskop. To the north is the majestic Winterhoek mountains and the town of Tulbagh with its Church street, restored after the earthquake of 1969 nearly as it was 250 years ago.

  • Ontongskop with hidden cave
  • Winterhoek Mountain
  • Tulbagh valley seen from Winterhoek Mountain
  • Peach orchard on slopes of Winterhoek Mountain
  • Road leading to peach orchard following heavy rain
  • Fighting fire next to Ontongskop
  • Fighting fire next to Ontongskop
  • Sunset on Ontongskop after a hard days work
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The Fruit

The dried fruit is ground through a mincer at a processing plant on the farm. This is the only machine being used; the rest is done by hand. Several different nozzles are connected to the mincer to press out products in different forms. It is then further processed by hand. To make the product more attractive and palatable, sugar, colouring and flavouring are added. It is then packed in polypropylene (thermo-plastic polymer) bags or cartons and dispatched by couriers across South Africa.

To keep prices low, we do not have a shop on the farm, because we will then need additional staff. We only sell to dealers in minimum quantities of 100kg. We are able to process and pack about 2 – 3 tons of dried fruit per week with the help of 15 workers.

  • Industrial grade dried fruit ready to be minced
  • Industrial grade dried fruit with sugar and colour
  •  Lollies pressed out of mincer
  • Lollies cut and separated
  • Lollies rolled in sugar
  • Mebos Chips rolled in sugar
  • Lollies different colours
  • Mebos Chips Plain or Sugared
  • Collecting lollies from conveyer belt in boxes
  • Dried Fruit Mix
  • Mebos Round
  • Multi Mix
  • Rainbow Round sugared
  • Cubes
  • Sealing lollies in poly bags
  • Fruit Strips
  • Rainbow Round Wrapped
  • Mebos Round Wrapped
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